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NFHS Network

NFHS Network recently approached the district about installing automated cameras to live stream games and events at Bearcat Field and the New Gym.  De Leon ISD felt that this would provide a great opportunity to watch and support our students for those unable to attend in person.  These systems are now in place and are accessible here at NFHS Network.  Below are details about subscription costs and different ways to watch.  Games and events will also be available on demand to watch anytime.  If you have any questions or would like more details, please call 254-893-8210.

Concussion Management

Texas Legislature passed HB 2038 which Governor Perry signed into law during the summer 2011. HB 2038 mandates that each school district have a concussion oversight team which designs and implements the protocol for the diagnosis, treatment, and return to play of any student athlete who sustains a concussion. The concussion oversight team for De Leon ISD that designed the protocol listed later on this page is comprised of Brad Bettis, P.T., Howard Dickey, M.D., Brandon Gilmore, D.O., and Peter Fagan M.D. 

You will find the following documents below: 

  • A copy of HB 2038

  • A copy of Texas Education Code Section 38.158

  • A Copy of Texas Education Code Section 38.159

  • UIL Implementation Guide with exercise progressions for once the student athlete is released back to activity.

  • NFHS Suggested Guidelines for Management of Concussion in Sports

  • A current symptoms and conditions checklist

  • DISD Concussion Management Protocol

  • The Members of the DISD Concussion Oversight Team

  • UIL Return to Play Form to be signed by the parent or guardian of the student athlete who sustained a concussion

For more information on concussions the center for disease control has an excellent informational website. If you have any questions about concussions, the De Leon ISD Concussion Management Protocol, or if you think your son or daughter may have a concussion please do not hesitate to contact De Leon ISD.

De Leon ISD
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De Leon ISD
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De Leon ISD
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